Poetry Workshop with The Porch Writers' Collective

Fusion & Fissure: Experimenting with Form in Poetry

Kenneth Burke states that the notion of “appetite” involves expectations and cravings, which can be understood in the context of form: “Form in literature is an arousing and fulfillment of desires. A work has form in so far as one part of it leads a reader to anticipate another part, to be gratified by the sequence.” But what if you want to interrupt that sense of expectation in a poem and invent something new, or what if the poem demands a deviation? What does it mean to skillfully break form, or, as Harold Bloom says, “swerve away” from our literary predecessors? I find breaking and making new forms to be an exciting, fresh enterprise leading to revelation and most importantly surprise, because, as we know from Robert Frost, “No surprise for the writer, no surprise for the reader.” We will experiment blending and diverging from both received and experimental forms in hopes of starting new drafts out of our comfort zones. Come ready to play and slay the page! 

  • Instructor: Tiana Clark
  • Length of workshop: 3 hours
  • Date:  Saturday, June 17
  • Time: 2 - 5 p.m.
  • Cost: $55 non-members; $50 members (of The Porch)
  • Location: Refinery 

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